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The Meet & Greet guideline is provided to give a basic outline to members that want to host a Chamber Meet & Greet. It is designed to allow Chamber member/s the opportunity to present to fellow members details on their business.  Chamber members may combine to host a Meet & Greet, for the purpose of sharing costs and provide a combined presentation. This is wonderful networking opportunity.

If you desire to host a Meet & Greet please contact Chamber – email .

Meet & Greet host’s are reminded that Charters Towers Chamber has a non-political policy.  It is a venue for you to provide an update on your business and/or future proposals for your business in a relaxed and friendly environment.

Host:                         Business member of the Charters Towers Chamber of  Commerce & Mines Inc

Date / Time:             5.30 pm to 7.30 pm

Location: This is at the digressions of the Host. Remembering that attendees would arrive after closing their business doors, on their way from work. It is normal to host at your business premises, but we are aware and remind you of Workplace, Health and Safety requirements that may limit access.

What to Provide: This is at the decision of the Host. It is not intended to be a meal but light finger food and nibbles are offered along with wine, light beer, soft drinks and water. Remember that the time for the function is also governed by the host.

Your presentation is not expected to be lengthy. A short verbal speech may meet your requirements, although short visual presentations may also be used. Your presentation may be complimented with handouts.

We suggest you allow for 25 guests.  You are encouraged to personally invite other businesses for your Meet & Greet.  The Chamber always sends to members an email invitation and reminder a couple of days prior to the Meet & Greet. Please advice Chamber if you would like them to create an invitation for your Meet & Greet, your business logo is normally included, if you do not want this to happen, please provide to Chamber the information you would like sent out to members. Chamber will then let you know the Monday before the event of any RSVP it has received.


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