Charters Towers Town Crier

A magnificent Town Crier outfit is ready to walk the streets of Charters Towers again – with a new face – for the 2016 winter tourist season, who will be back in 2017.

As a roving ‘ambassador’ for the town, musician and vocalist Jack McDougall will be one of the local performers to don the Town Crier costume. He will be involved in street performances, as well as provide information for visitors about local events, attractions and facilities.

The project is being facilitated by the Charters Towers Chamber of Commerce & Mines Inc. with funding from a RADF grant. Numerous businesses have also made contributions toward the project, excited by the prospect of seeing a new way for the town to engage with its winter visitor population.

The project will run from the beginning of June until the end of August, enabling a ‘Town Crier’ presence in the main CBD area for several hours a day, five days a week.
Jack McDougall will make an excellent performer for the role with his strong history of guitar, vocal and public speaking performances. He would be well remembered by many people in Charters Towers for his singing of the National Anthem at the 2015 Anzac Day Service.
The magnificent talents of local theatre group Towers Players will also be involved in the project, with their actors taking on the ‘Town Crier’ role for a period in early July.
The Town Crier costume was previously worn by well-known local identity Michael Ball. Mr Ball passed away several years ago and his wife has been very supportive of the new project.
It is hoped that the project will be able to be repeated in future years, with the ‘Town Crier’ becoming a tourist attraction for Charters Towers in its own right.


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